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    AB RIPPER X: 25 reps each

    1. In & Outs
    2. Bicycle (2 sets, one forward, one backward)
    3. Seated Crunchy Frog
    4. Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit-up (Not shown)
    5. Fifer Scissor
    6. Hip Rock’N Raise
    7. Pulse Up
    8. Rollup/V-Up Combo
    9. Oblique V-up
    10. Leg Climb
    11. Mason Twist (50 reps, not shown)

    Stretch before and after.

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    one on one on one leg

    HOLY HANNAH. i woke up to go running today and was up at the early hour of 5am to do so… i figured it’s warm outside and there’s a BOMF run at 545- let’s do this! annnnd then i got sucked into the interwebs and suddenly it was 6. and i wanted to go back to bed. but instead i decided to trick myself into doing p90x one on one for legs since i love new workouts (always more fun when you aren’t dreading what’s coming next). ohmygosh. i can hardly stand up right now. it was a hilariously tony workout with him falling all over the place and being awesome, per usual. only 10 moves, everything on one leg… completely insane. lots of shaking and falling but a really good intense workout. sweating buckets and zero cardio! but yeah i was just putting away the dishes and i felt like i was going to collapse sooo work should be interesting today. jello legs! it did help get me even more pumped up about p90x2 though- i cant wait to start that mid-february!!

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    so this morning i woke up and just wasn’t in the mood for the x factor workout i had planned on (yeah that excitement wore off fast) so i popped in some TurboFire and was loving every minute of it! Seriously a great way to start your day… like 60 seconds in and you’re glad you’re doing it. Unlike tomorrow morning when it’s going to be dark and freezing at 5:45 when we’re waiting to start our run… sigh. then i’m not so sure i’ll be glad i’m doing it. but i skipped last week so i HAVE to go this week.

    then tonight to round out the cardio from this morning i rocked some p90x because that’s how i roll. and my friends were doing it and i always have to be one of the cool kids. p90xing with friends is seriously so much fun. trying to coordinate the side to side push ups is definitely entertaining. and thursday i’m pretty sure i’ll be unable to use my arms at all, so there’s that. 

    i was reading a chapter in “Thrive” today about the idea pre-workout snack (only if you need it) and good nutrition for the best recovery. I need to start following some of these tips if I want to be able to keep up these doubles and stay healthy!

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    x me!

    things that are awesome:

    1. P90X last night with Kevin and Albert… even though they mocked me most of the time and i still can’t do a pull up to save my life
    2. Morning runs that aren’t in the pitch black darkness of evil… thanks for saving me some daylight!
    3. Going running even though it’s raining… i’m apparently hard core now
    4. The fact that canary confectionery will make me more of those truffles from VeganMania. is a lifetime supply asking for too much?
    5. Going to DC tomorrow to visit my sister!
    6. The fact that francine pascale came out with a new sweet valley book… even though it was AWFUL… i mean… i didn’t read it… sheesh… i’m like 30… i would nev… STOP JUDGING ME
    7. A rise against tour announcement that will hopefully result in me seeing them somehow
    8. Muvico popcorn is vegan

    And that’s all i got. there are lots more awesome things like in the world like tattoos and music but that’s what’s awesome to me right. now. 

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    i did p90x tonight for the first time in almost a year and HOLY COW are my arms sore! but it felt so good to lift weights again! I seriously need to get back into that. otherwise p90x2 will kill me! i can hardly do a push up any more (oh sweet muscles where did you go?!) but i’ll get that back soon… i hope. the workout was awesome and the company was great- i’ve never done p90x with other peeps (at least the lifting DVDs) so that was pretty fun.

    excited to try x factor tomorrow morning! and then jillian michael’s 6 week 6 pack tomorrow night at fit club! can’t stop won’t stop time!

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    Back On My Feet

    i had my first BOMF run today and it was awesome!! waking up at 5am- not so awesome. but getting an awesome run in and meeting loads of awesome people all before 7am is pretty sweet. i think i’m really going to enjoy running with BOMF! The hard part is going to be when i take a month off to do cross fit since the days are the same (MWF mornings)… maybe Fridays i’ll do BOMF runs and MW do CrossFit?  Somehow I’ll make it work… 

    still fighting off a little cold & have a 5k tomorrow morning. if i’m not feeling loads better then I’ll have a rest day tomorrow. do little things like go to the library and maybe the shoe repair shop but then it’s all about putting away all my luggage that’s still sitting out and doing yet more laundry. i know… i’m a party animal!

    last night rocked some one on one yoga with tony horton and realized how much i miss him!! can’t wait til p90x2 comes out! and thinking about signing up for the one on one series. the yoga DVD was super awesome and only 45 minutes… much easier to squeeze in than 90!

    and now off to bed to get a good rest before the 5k tomorrow! and because i feel like crap and the thought of doing anything outside my bed is just so unappealing…

    happy hug a vegetarian day!!

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    P90X 2 - XCore2 Preview

    Oh boy… I can already hear my obliques SCREAMING!

    It’s gonna be my next challenge: it’s coming this fall. 90 days in body blasting bliss.

    Someone, draw my ice bath.

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    so i’m house sitting for my mom and i didn’t bring any workout DVDs. Why? because she has slim in 6 and chalean eXtreme right here! it was kind of nice doing the chalean eXtreme workout again… haven’t done it probably in a year or so? hmm… when did i start p90x?  in any case i’m excited to try out some of the slim in 6 DVDs as well.  i did the old school VHS version back when i was in college but i’m sure they’ve spruced it up since then! i remember the “ramp it up” phase kicking my ass!

    in other news i managed to only somehow gain a pound over my gluttony weekend with nins (hi deep dish pizza, onion rings, and lots and lots of high calorie drinks). that pound will peace out just as quickly as it came back. gotta stick to healthy eating for the weekend, which will be interesting since it’s pride weekend. gotta plan healthy ahead of time!

    have a great weekend everyone!

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