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    TurboFire HIIT 25

    do you ever work out so hard you can’t stop coughing after? what is that? trying to catch your breath still like 20 minutes later? whatever it is i love it. HIIT 25 is seriously one of the hardest workouts for me- not sure why… maybe all the jumps? i can’t even do them all [yet]! hopefully it’ll help me kick some ass on my 5k this weekend! let the race season begin!

    (also please cross your fingers for me today… marathon lottery results come in!)

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    a post NOT about food or exercise. prepare yo self. 

    i just watched the 2/17 episode of girls and the conversation between marnie & hannah on the phone where marnie had an awful night and just wanted the comfort of an old friend. and hannah was so weirded out by marnie’s new friends and life. and just wanted to seem OK with it while she was obviously not OK with it. and they talked… and lied about being okay… and got off the phone and hannah slammed the phone down. and i just thought about how many conversations like that i’ve had like that. where you want to say things or scream things. and nothing comes out. and you know there are things unsaid but neither person can say them. it’s so frustrating! but i have no idea why these situations even happen! pride? wanting to seem cool with change? wanting to not be petty? wanting to avoid awkward conversations? oh girls. not the show but the thing. we’re so crazy. and girls (this time the show) captures that pretty well. i’m so lucky to have some pretty wonderful girls in my life. 

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    this poem has been running through my head all week. you are the only you there is! love yourself!

    this poem has been running through my head all week. you are the only you there is! love yourself!

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    Parsley & pizza

    tonight i’m making a slow cooker pizza for my lunches for the week. at 207 calories/serving (5 days worth) it’s perfect paired with a big salad. one of the ingredients is parsley, and i remembered reading about the health benefits of parsley once but couldn’t remember for the life of me. all i could remember was that you’re supposed to chew some after a meal for good breath? so after a little looking i found out that parsley is loaded up with antioxidants! awhile ago i went on a search to really understand how antioxidants work and basically they just kick the asses of free radicals that are being jerks that are trying to steal from other cells. so antioxidants rock and help keep your body stable and healthy. PLUS parsley has vitamin A and vitamin C which keep your body healthy and the C in parsley has an anti-inflammatory effect. PLUS who knew parsley was way loaded up with vitamin K?! just a couple tablespoons and you have way more than your recommended daily amount. how sweet is that? what is vitamin K for you ask? i asked too. and found that the K in parsley helps synthesize the fat needed to maintain the myelin sheath around our nerves. what’s the myelin sheath? i didn’t know until i did a walk for MS last year and my team name was the smilin’ myelins. Basically the myelin sheath sits around your nerves and helps move messages around your body faster. losing the myelin sheath that helps insulate your fragile nerves is seen in lots of diseases like MS and others. NOW am i saying if you eat parsley you won’t get MS? nope. sorry. BUT i am saying that you’ll get some good vitamins and health benefits and it’s tasty (but not super flavorful) and easy to incorporate in lots of things! go parsely! and go pizza! pictures of slow cooker pizza coming soon (if it’s pretty). 

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    Juice Cleanse Recap

    Things i learned during my cleanse:

    • I really like coconut milk. At least when mixed with protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa powder.
    • The dark green juice i hated at first became almost good by the end! Crazy.
    • Chlorophyll water is delicious. I should always drink this for red blood cells. 
    • Antioxidants are good for you because they prevent unstable free radicals from being assholes and stealing electrons from other molecules. (this is a random piece of knowledge i just happened to gain this week)
    • I can go out and drink juice all night with a bunch of wasted people and have a great time and meet boys. Who knew?
    • I really like staying home and doing my own thing. I also like staying in and watching movies with friends. I need to do more of this.
    • Grocery shopping on a cleanse is torture. Cooking during a cleanse is even worse.
    • I am addicted to working out again and a week off of regular workouts (just light ones) was really hard for me emotionally (though the extra hour of sleep was oh-so-nice).

    I really enjoyed this cleanse and I think the duration was perfect. Three days is really nice for a quick cleanse but I don’t feel like I get a ton of benefit from that. Ten days (master cleanse style) is just a little too long. Six days (even seven) is good because it’s not so long you feel like you can’t do it but long enough to feel like you really get a great benefit from it. The combination of juices from the element wellness cleanse differed from Juice RX in that you didn’t really have a specific order to drink your juices in and the chlorophyll water was supposed to be drunk (drank?) throughout the day. I was worried that I wouldn’t feel satisfied since I was really only getting 5 juices and 1 water, but i was definitely full enough. I liked the red juice from element better than the one from Juice RX but that could just be that during this cleanse I was more prepared for the flavor of beet juice? In any case I’d do either again in a heartbeat (or windfall) and will probably continue to cleanse at least once a year. 

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    Juice Cleanse: Day 6!!!

    it’s here it’s here! the last day of my cleanse! i may eat some broth later just to start the prep for food but we’ll see. i’m making a sweet potato, white bean, and chard soup later so some broth from there would be delish!

    one last thing i want to talk about with cleansing is pooping- the dark side of the cleanse. i’ll be brief… when you’re not eating you have to take action to poop- otherwise nothing happens. and if you’re not pooping those toxins that are getting released during the cleanse (evidenced by a film on your tongue and teeth) back up. If you don’t get that stuff out, you can get headaches or feel groggy and tired- the opposite of how you want to feel on a cleanse! So to make it happen you can just drink some laxative tea and voila! all clear! I like smooth move- tastes great and if i drink some right before bed it kicks in with perfect timing for when i wake up in the morning. no weird cramping or pain. though i do know a couple people that have had bad experiences with it waking up in the middle of the night in pain. 

    SO overall review of the element wellness juice cleanse? i’d do it again. that dark green juice was really hard to get down but the rest were delish. and even the dark green grew on me a little. there are so many cleanses out there though i’ve gotta try them all! i do know i feel great and am super happy i made it here. cheers to my last day of juices!

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    Juice Cleanse Day 5

    A day and a half left and feeling pretty… OK? I’m sleepy but that could be because i didn’t sleep much last night. I made the bold decision to go out last night to a friend’s house to play cards. I knew they would all be drinking so I made them promise NO PEER PRESSURE before heading out. Turned into a mini-shindig (perhaps a hootenanny?) and was really fun! It actually wasn’t that hard to not drink though i did miss that blurry feeling a little bit. None of the booze seemed appealing to me- that was a little weird. I just missed that fuzzy fun feeling you get when you’re tipsy. It was super interesting to see how my friends all act when hammered through my sober eyes. 

    So I was up until almost 5am and woke up around 9:30am. Could definitely explain the sleepy feeling. Worked out (elliptical) before starting my first juice so I didn’t start drinking juice until 11ish? Normally I’m on my second juice by then so I’m a little behind on my juices. My legs are also SUPER achy now so I think I may have gone too hard. I really didn’t think it was that much! Lesson learned. 

    So ten more juices to go and i’m ready to eat FOOD. tomorrow will be tough- I’m going to have to prepare all my food for the week maybe i’ll wait until Monday night to do that. I’m going to make some arrugula salad and lentil loaf for lunches and a white bean, rainbow chard, and sweet potato soup for dinners. maybe monday i’ll just try to nosh on smoothies and fruit all day after a stop at the store en route to work? #juicecleanseproblems

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    Juice Cleanse Day #3

    Day 3 is nearly done and thus i’m half way through this cleanse! Feeling AMAZING. So… I am a little hungry right now but that’s because i got distracted from drinking my favorite juice of the day (nut milk) and started tackling a project i’ve been putting off for months! i started unpacking and cleaning my guest room that’s been a disaster area since OCTOBER. that’s right. i finally unpacked my last box and plugged in my shredder. and all of a sudden it’s 8pm! gah! but my delicious drink was waiting for me and i still have half of my chlorophyll water left so i’m good. seriously the amount of energy i have is surprising for not actually eating. i was so worried i’d be super sleepy during this cleanse because my workouts are what energize me in the morning and i’ve been sleeping in this week. BUT i’ve got loads of energy! i can’t even imagine what i’ll feel like if i keep drinking juices (not 100% of the time) and add my workouts back in. and eat clean. i mean shoot i’ll take over the world by 2014! what might also be helping is the audiobook i’ve been listening to this week by brian tracy about goal setting. i mean he really makes you think ANYTHING is possible. which it is. last night i actually had a giddy moment and said “gosh mom life is just too exciting!” and i was completely serious. i know… cheesemaster. BUT i seriously have all of this positive excited energy flowing out of me! don’t get me wrong- i have my moments. but when i’m not having a special moment of anger for a reason that was triggered by something i’m so… alive? i don’t know- i just feel great. and knowing i’m giving my body so much love and nutrients feels good too. yesterday’s affirmation was “I love my thighs. My skin is beautiful. My organs are healthy and powerful.” and i said that to myself over and over again. At first giggling because, well, that just seemed ridiculous. i don’t love my thighs. but after saying it a few times i started to love them for how strong they are and how they get me through my day every day. and while they might not be perfect, they’re mine. yeah yeah… i’m getting super cheesy. but this is me and i’m going to embrace it! today’s affirmation is “I am so frickin’ col and delicious and pretty and witty and sharp! I love every inch of me! Who wouldn’t?” Another funny thing to say out loud to yourself. But doesn’t hurt to shower yourself with this kind of love. and who knows- maybe you can trick your subconscious into believing it! 

    so in short, i’m loving my juice cleanse and i’m loving being off facebook (though i do want to announce to the masses i finished unpacking my last box… my fb friends will without that info). and i’m loving doing the kris carr affirmations and prayers every day. and even the awful dark green juice is starting to grow on me. the part where i’m sipping it is awful but the after taste is now starting to have a hint of cinnamon or something that i kind of like. so at least there’s that!

    now off for more nut milk and chlorophyll water!

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    Video recap of the juices on my cleanse and my daily diet. For those that don’t want to watch, here’s the cliff’s notes:

    I have six bottles a day that I’m supposed to drink and alternate between green and red juices. So I’m starting my day with the light green juice, then the red juice, then the dark green, then the orange. Chlorophyll water is supposed to be throughout the day but yesterday I put it off til night because it looked scary. It was amazing so I’m going to move it earlier today. The nut milk is the dessert and is amazing.

    So what’s in the juices?

    Light Green: Green apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, cilantro, lemon, parsley. The celery you can hardly taste, which is awesome as i hate celery. This juice is delicious and a great way to start my day!

    Orange: Carrot, pineapple, lemon, and ginger. This one was really citrus-ey and I wasn’t a huge fan of that. It tasted good but made my mouth all tingly like if you drink too much pineapple juice. not that i’ve ever done that but that’s what i imagine it’s like. also this juice was kind of chunky/gritty.

    Dark Green:Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, wheat grass (and a little lime). this was my least favorite. I love kale, spinach and cucumber but i hate celery and wheat grass so i guess those flavors won. Kind of had to choke this one down- it definitely took three hours to finish it. 

    Red: Beet, apple, cucumber, lime. I liked this one- I wouldn’t drink it daily or anything but it was pretty good. The first time I did a juice cleanse and had beet in it I was not a fan. But now that I knew what to expect I kind of like it. And I love beets so that doesn’t hurt.

    Chlorophyll water: i really can’t say enough good things about this water. It really tastes mostly like water even though it’s really dark green. At the juicing place they said it will help open my cells to absorb the nutrients from the cleanse. I’m not sure about that but i did do some reading about chlorophyll water and turns out it’s really good for you. It helps your red blood cells which increases oxygen utilization of the body. Which is a good thing they say. Read more about it here

    Nut Milk: Coconut milk, ginger, cinnamon, hemp protein, vanilla, stevia, cacao. This is the love of my life. creamy and delicious this is such a good way to end the day i never wanted it to end! I hate coconut but this tasted nothing like coconut- just creamy and delicious. It was a little gritty but you’re supposed to chew your juice so i chewed away. can i please just drink this all day every day? like… forever?

    So that’s the lineup. I also start every day (during cleanse or not) with a glass of lemon water. so before bed every night i squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and put it next to my bed so before my feet hit the floor that gets into my body. I’ve heard tons of good things about doing this so i’ve been doing it for almost a year now. not sure if it does anything miraculous but definitely doesn’t hurt. Then I take two D-Hist caps which were prescribed by my doctor as a natural antihistamine (has vitamin c, quercetin dihydrate, stinging nettles leaf, bromelain from pineapple, and n-acetyl-L-cystine). then i take three vitamin D caps (1000iu each) since my D was so low when i got it tested last year. Also it’s winter in chicago so everyone is low on sunshine. and i’m vegan so triple whammy. I also take a probiotic prescribed by my doc. The brand is metabolic maintenance and it’s 1 billion, 5 strains. just to help keep my digestion happy. 

    throughout the day i’m also drinking tea to stay warm (and because it’s delicious) and i’m using the traditional medicinals brand herbal teas. I drank some ginger tea that was surprisingly spicy! and delicious. Then before bed is the smooth move peppermint tea. kind of gross but necessary. and more on that later. 

    and there you have it! my cleanse daily intake. in other news i read yesterday that you CAN exercise while on a cleanse and if you have energy you should- and i DO have energy! so i’m gonna rock it out one of these days. maybe. i do kinda like the extra hour of sleep… 

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    rainbow of juice

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