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    this post goes out to my sister. and almond dream bites. because she introduced them to me and they’re AMAZING. i need to get them out of my house because seriously i can’t stop eating them! just one of the many things she introduced me to…

    so here’s a little history on me and my travel to a vegan lifestyle (i’m so close!)… enjoy!

    last year was the first time i thought of trying a vegan lifestyle without thinking “vegans are crazy people”. so i tried a couple vegan weeks with her and about a year ago after going to TAFA she went vegan for real. cold turkey. and it changed my life. suddenly we were having tofurky for thanksgiving and pasta for christmas.  now I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life so thanksgiving was AWESOME. finally i wasn’t only being offered stuffing, rice and bread for my meal.  but never had I thought about all the other amazing vegan options out there in the world. I’ve now given up dairy and my world is full of teese, daiya and ste martaen “cheese”… WAY easier to give up than i had ever dreamed. don’t get me wrong… i miss it a little but feel WAY better now. i’ve always been mildly lactose intolerant anyways so this was probably a long time coming.

    Deciding to go vegetarian for the first time at 14 was totally based on the realization that to eat meat meant to kill animals and i wasn’t down with that. Now it has grown into something WAY bigger. my #1 reason for making the diet choices i do is still for animal rights but now it’s for a whole different slew of reasons that what i started with. i could never personally justify eating animals based on the fact that by doing so means ending the life of something else because of a craving for steak or being too lazy to find properly balanced meals that give me enough protein. but eggs & dairy i can’t justify eating [[disclaimer: i still eat eggs on occasion]] based on the torture the animals endure.  If I go by farmer joe’s farm and see him milking his cow and he offers me some fresh cheese do I have any objections to that? no. but it’s easier to just blanket statement “i’m vegan” than say “i’m vegan unless i go to the farm and think they treat the animals OK”.

    If you follow my blog you know i’m also recently obsessed with fitness. maybe not obsessed… but really get into it.  and eating healthy. and being fit in all aspects of your life. and seriously eating a vegan diet can be the healthiest diet there is. Can you eat a healthy non-vegan diet? sure! could you eat an unhealthy vegan diet? absolutely! but going vegan the “right” way has immeasurable health benefits.

    Reason #3 for going vegan: world hunger. the land we use for animals… the land we use to grow crops for animals… the inefficiencies of doing so… ahhh! it makes my head hurt! even small changes could help!

    And last but certainly not least, reason #4: global climate change. the UN says it. PETA says it. A lord says it. Al Gore says it. I mean… it’s just logical. basically cow shit emits methane, which is 23 times worse than carbon dioxide. nasty.

    so there’s my tribute post to my sister. because she’s amazing and not only changing the world with her diet but also with her work she does.  If you missed the animal planet special on canned hunting you missed out. There are some crazy people out there and she’s working every day to help try to stop them from being able to continue the cruel and ridiculous practice of canned hunting.  I’m lucky to live in an area where my congressman fully supports a ban on canned hunts but if you’re not as lucky please write to your representative to express your concern!

    love you little sister. and thanks for the almond bites tip!

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