new york is full of delicious vegan food. dare i say too much vegan food? i probably couldn’t move to new york because i would eat too much of said food. raking my meals in new york is a terribly difficult task so i present a picture of one of my favorites, vegan fetuccini alfredo, because i have attempted a few vegan alfredo sauces, none of which touch this one in terms of awesomeness. so mad props to johns of 12th for getting it right!

also. i need to go back to new york because i missed out on some food too! dun well donuts, a new york style bagel, and a knish. they will all be mine next time! 

onto healthier things. went running today- four miles. then was supposed to do 50 burpees, 50 lunges, and 15 pull ups. yeah not so much. i did 10 burpees, 20 lunges, and 5 pull ups (with bands). when i got home from work i did 30 more burpees, 60 more lunges, and 6 more pull ups. twas a pretty decent day for working out but i def need more strength training! back to p90x! tomorrow i’m supposed to do a WOD from the spartan race emails but we’ll see how i feel in the morning. might be a p90x2 kind of day.