Well two weeks into the cleanse and i’m feeling great! kicked whatever allergy/toxins/cold thing that was going on last week and now i’m just full of energy and awesome food. was a little worried about going to california pizza kitchen but had one of the best salads of my life so that worked out well! going out to eat with another friend tonight & i think that will be easier since it’s at a place that has a vegan/gluten free/soy free menu. score! in a couple weeks the cleanse will be over but will i keep up this lifestyle? the hardest thing to kick has definitely been dessert… getting out of the mentality of wanting dessert or something sweet has been really hard. almost feels like quitting smoking! i miss it and crave it but know it’s not good for me so it’s not worth it. but still hard. hopefully by the end of the cleanse it will be easier!! i mean… sometimes a little chocolate is a good thing, right?

been rocking out to p90x2 this week and hopefully will keep that up next week! i need to seriously get consistent with this so i can move on to phase 2 one of these days! eesh!

OH! and i found a way to make tropical shakeology taste good! (it was too sweet/chalky to me) add a bunch of almond and/or peanut butter! YUM.