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    Weekend Workout! Deadman Burpee Challenge

    This workout is a bit different than the others, but it’s for ALL levels. Loads of cardio, and you’ll need to push yourself as hard as you can. Choose the right workout modification for you and focus on form: not speed.

    Main exercise: Deadman Burpees

    Alternate exercises: active recovery and cardio

    Push yourself during the burpees and high intensity intervals. Ease up and lower your heartrate on the light jog and squat holds.

    1. Beginners - 50 Deadman burpees

    Do 5 rounds of the following:

    10 Deadman Burpees
    30 seconds light jog in place
    30 second wall sit (squat against wall)
    30 second light jog in place

    2. Intermediate - 75 Deadman Burpees

    Do 5 rounds of the following…

    15 Deadman Burpees
    30 second light jog in place
    30 seconds high knee run
    30 second squat hold

    Advanced - 100 Deadman Burpees

    Do 5 Rounds of the following…

    20 Deadman Burpees
    30 second jog
    30 second high knee sprint
    30 second squat hold with pulses

    HOW TO DO: Deadman Burpees

    A. Lower yourself to the floor, extending arms and legs out (like an X). Think ‘dead’.

    B. Draw your hands into your chest, and keep arms tight to the body as you press up into plank.

    C. Hop or step your feet into a deep squat. Chest up!

    D. Stand. Add a jump if you can! Repeat and reverse the motion.

    These are hard, but beginners may enjoy the mini-break on the floor! Advanced peeps can add a ‘superman lift’ at the bottom: lift arms and legs off the floor while your belly’s on the ground.

    Kill it!

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