Push goal!

    so it’s day 4 and today we have to pick a push goal. this is the one or two goals that once you achieve it (them) it makes the others easier. i don’t really have one of those though… if i maintain my savings balance it will give me the financial freedom to visit my friends, spend more time focusing on AR activism and less time in the office, and help me get to Australia. so maybe that will be my push goal.

    Maybe i should make that a loftier goal- not just maintaining my savings balance but getting out of debt. really that should be my push goal. it will be hard… but it’s definitely something i want to do if the stars all align. DONE. that’s my new goal.

    SO when i’m out of debt it will feel AMAZING. i have been drowning under this mountain of debt as long as i can remember and i don’t even know what it would feel like to have it off my shoulders. free? un-trapped? like i could do anything or go anywhere? yep. that’s got to be my goal. i’ll be able to truly start saving money and go on more trips. i’ll be able to not only visit my friends but explore the world with them. i’ll be able to focus more on AR activism and less on my paycheck. 

    to do this i’m going to have to give some things up. like going out all the time. and going on all my trips (this year i have LA, DC, portland, wisconsin, st louis, vegas, and austin all on the docket). BUT if i take this year to really focus on paying off my debt and being thrifty, i think i can do this. i KNOW i can do this. 

    step 1: work on a new budget

    step 2: really think about the extras i’m getting this year, bonus/taxes/etc, and how i want to spend that money. i know i can’t sit still all year and not travel at all but i need to figure out where the best use of that money is

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    Today’s challenge is to set goals. ten of them. every week. without looking back at the previous week. I remember in 2011 i did this every single monday. EVERY monday. it was crazy. i have journals full of ‘em. Now i put them in evernote and in 2012 i wrote them down sporadically. So here they are this week. I’m not going to post them on here every week. and i’m not going to post my exact ten goals- just ideas of them. my actual goals are more specific and measurable. but the sentiment is the same. 2013: let’s do this. 

    1. spend more time with mom 

    2. Lots of vegan blogging/posting

    3. Visit julie, brooke, nina, and sam

    4. Run a big race

    5. Graduate with a 4.0

    6. Participate in an AR activism activities

    7. Seriously plan Australia

    8. Maintain savings balance

    9. Work out more consistently

    10. Get my PMP certification

    Not sure what my push goal is… probably the savings balance one. my BFG (big fun goal) is definitely planning australia! 

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    Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

    I’m once again participating in Chalene Johnson’s 30 day challenge and I’m excited because I know this will set me up to have an amazing 2013! today is all about how to determine your priorities- those things that you wouldn’t compromise. My top three priorities are:

    1. Friends and family
    2. AR Activism
    3. Fitness/wellness

    AR activism is a new one for me… two years ago when I did this I didn’t even know what was out there in the world of animal rights! Now it’s something that is so important to me… it’s what I want to be remembered for.

    Specifically for my number one priority, my friends and family, I want to spend time with my friends and family. I want to make sure I do my best to spend time with all of my friends, which includes visiting the ones that live far away, and I want to be involved in their lives. I also want to make sure I am spending as much time as possible with my mom and keeping in touch with my sister.

    And there’s my accountability post for day 2! 

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    this morning 0% of me wanted to get out of bed and work out. i started rationalizing sleeping for an extra half hour by saying to myself “i can get back on track in the new year!”

    so then i hit snooze and rolled over. and then said “okay self… if you get up and start working out for five minutes and want to crawl back into bed you can but at least try”. and it worked. of course i did the whole 55 minute les mills pump revolutions workout and i’m so happy i did! i obviously feel a million times better and this way i’ll be rocking into the new year knowing i have a good foundation to work from instead of starting fresh.

    so next time you don’t want to work out give it five minutes- if you don’t feel like continuing go back to bed. but just try it for a few minutes and see what happens.

    happy new year!!

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    so today i was opening my maple syrup (hi $20 bottle of fancy syrup) to make my cinnamon roll protein shake (delicious 143 calories with 16g protein… holla!) and had to take off the protective seal. so i started thinking about protective seals and why they’re on things and how annoying they are. and then i started thinking about why they exist and got even more annoyed. the only reason these things exist is because there are jerks out there who would tamper with people’s stuff so they have to put those seals so we dont get murdered by crazy people poisoning syrup? seriously? i mean maybe there’s some sort of health code reasons they have to seal it in (preservatives?) but i don’t know man. sometimes the awful things that exist in this world terrify me. and that’s my thought for friday morning while drinking my awesome shake after a fabulous les mills pump and shred workout. i’m FINALLY on track with this thing! i think i started in like july maybe? june? i don’t even remember. but i’ve been going consistently for a few weeks now and it feels awesome to be putting muscles back into my body again! woot!

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I haven’t lately.. let’s get going


    I haven’t lately.. let’s get going

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